As an artist & architect, I work on critical design, participatory projects, and installations from a material-driven perspective. Frequently, I use architectural elements, found materials, and different mediums (video, sound, text, photography, printmaking) to recreate a spatial experience of a place. At the core of my critical narration, I refer to mass urbanisation and its effect on material culture.

As an urban researcher, I am interested in social infrastructures within rural and urban contexts. Recently, I finished my Ph.D. in the urban planning department at the Brandenburg University of Technology in Germany. My research is based on the ethnographic investigation of informal scrap collectors — çıkmacıs — that salvage building components and materials from condemned buildings for reuse and recycle purposes in Istanbul.

Selected Works: 2023, Climate Action, L200, Zurich; 2022, Sustain What?, Chromatic Wednesdays, Berlin; 2021, Wir bauen eine neue stadt, Wirwir, Berlin; 2020 Hier glitzern sogar Steine!, Villa Sträuli, Winterthur; 2019 In the Blink of a Bird, nGbk, Berlin; 2018 Tbilisi Architecture Biennial, Tbilisi; 2017 Anarchitecture, Ariel, Istanbul; 2016 Outside the Sentence There was a City, Salt Ulus, Ankara; 2015 Refüj, Depo, Istanbul; 2015 Reunion, Sabancı Museum, İstanbul; 2014 Demolishdemount, Torun, Ankara; 2013 Trümmer auf Trümmer, Apartment Project, Berlin; 2011 Thief, Protocinema, Istanbul