2017, Ariel

A new permanent façade called perde (curtain in English) has emerged in the neighbourhoods of Istanbul where urbanization is practiced by clearing the land by demolishing. Perde is built from the roof structure of the to be demolished building itself as a safety net for the falling pieces of rubble while the excavator is knocking down the building. With these new structures, Istanbul looks like Lebbeus Woods drawings in which he is depicting the parasitic architecture of a city after a catastrophe.  This permanent architecture appears and disappears as the urban renewal  continues. The installation is placed into the space after the reclaimed wood removed from the roof of a building is being displaced into the exhibition space. Leaning to the audience by the tight tension wire, the structure is piercing the wall as if with its weight can demolish the wall. Besides it blocks an abstract window, a building to be bulldozed.

Photographed by Derya Yildiz