Tehlike Sesi – Danger Noise



Camera by Fatma Belkıs

In the movie, as soon as hearing the alarm, the villagers starts to disperse dusting around. They are defenseless aganist the danger ahead. Confused, desperate. They are eternally afraid. Who did give the alarm? Who did play the signal? A mad person is clapping the lathed log with a mallet. He gave the alarm: tok tok tok. He is fooling them in order to make them come out from their hiding. But they do not understand, he is warning them. The danger is approaching. Very near.

Danger Noise is a sculpture that I shaped with a lathe inspired from the village alarm in the movie, Seven Samurai. On 09.06 Saturday at 16:00, I will sound the Danger Noise at old Apartment Project in empty Asmalımescit. Come!

Recorded by Sevil Tunaboylu

Photo by Ali Taptık