Bad Pilot

2016 Torun, Ankara

Powers which have fascistic tendencies try to carve their historical and monumental landmarks where they desire to establish dominion in order to write their own history. Every war has its own wrecks and instruments of death that have become symbolic. The invasions, violence and destruction that ancient cities have witnessed for centuries re-occurred in a different form in Palmyra. And though its source and actors were different, the cities of Kobane and Sur and their people were subject to such violence and destruction.

bad pilot8
bad pilot 6

I’ve never been to Palmyra. I have not visited many of the ancient cities of Anatolia. Using the news of war and destruction that I read, I built a story that evokes old myths and legends and visits all the ancient cities that I never did. It’s set in the remains of ancient cities over which drone war gods now fly. In it you can witness the birth of these war gods and gaze upon the faulty attempts of the powers that tried to create them. You can spot the aerodynamic curves that belong to the machines that fly in the sky, and read the ornaments and symbols on the locations over which the new gods have gained dominion. You can behold Athena’s body that lies in pieces, and witness how even the bad copies of spatial language can go to wrack and ruin.